Iron Worker/Welder

  • SRW Construction
  • Hampton, FL
  • Mar 18, 2021

Job Description

Immediate NeedEmployees will need to travel the southeast, usually 3-5 days at a time, needs to work the steel, weld 7018,6022 welding rods. The rest we can teach, if they are willing to learn.iEmployer provides transportation to work sites from Hampton, Fl.iiReinforcing ironworkers install rebar to strengthen concrete walls. Ironworkers install structural and reinforcing iron and steel to form and support buildings, bridges, and roads.Duties Ironworkers typically do the following:* Read and follow blueprints, sketches, and other instructions* Unload and stack prefabricated iron and steel so that it can be lifted with slings* Signal crane operators who lift and position structural and reinforcing iron and steel* Use shears, rod-bending machines, and welding equipment to cut, bend, and weld the structural and reinforcing iron and steel* Align structural and reinforcing iron and steel vertically and horizontally, using tag lines, plumb bobs, lasers, and levels* Connect iron and steel with bolts, wire, or welds Structural and reinforcing iron and steel are important components of buildings, bridges, roads, and other structures.Even though the primary metal involved in this work is steel, workers often are known as ironworkers or erectors. Most of the work involves erecting new structures, but some ironworkers may also help in the demolition, decommissioning, and rehabilitation of older buildings and bridges. When building tall structures such as skyscrapers, structural iron and steel workers erect steel frames and assemble the cranes and derricks that move materials and equipment around the construction site. Workers connect precut steel columns, beams, and girders, using tools like shears, torches, welding equipment, and hand tools. A few ironworkers install precast walls or work with wood or composite materials.Reinforcing iron and rebar workers use one of three different materials to support concrete:* Reinforcing steel (rebar) is used to strengthen the concrete that forms highways, buildings, bridges, and other structures. These workers are sometimes called rod busters, in reference to rods of rebar.* Cables are used to reinforce concrete by pre- or post-tensioning.These techniques allow designers to create larger open areas in a building because supports can be placed farther apart. As a result, pre- and post-tensioning are commonly used to construct arenas, concrete bridges, and parking garages. * Welded wire reinforcing (WWR) is also used to strengthen concrete. This reinforcing is made up of narrow-diameter rods or wire welded into a grid. Structural metal fabricators and fitters manufacture metal products in shops, usually located away from construction sites.